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  • Do you want to find a Self Publishing site to help you? "A Perfect World-Tatriel" by T.K. Hall, is a fantasy sci fi book whose author finally decided to go for it.
  • In conclusion of the research process, T.K. Hall went with:


    They publish all types of books for writers. Authorhouse seemed to be on top of keeping in good communication while T.K. Hall researched and waited for the agent to find a publisher.


    The following link will go into some decision making T.K. Hall it right for you?

    Fantasy Publishers Vss Self Publishing

    Other sites among many out there:

    Self Publishing site: Dog Ear Publishing


    Bookstand Publishing


    Buy Now - "A Perfect World-Tatriel"

    There are many sites that will warn people against this or that site. Remember--it is up to you to do your research and find out for yourself! Others can only help show you what they have found, and what has worked for them up to this point in time.

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