New Favorite Fantasy Novel Book!

Fantasy Novel Book

"A Perfect World-Tatriel" tells a compelling story blending Fantasy and Sci Fi into a believable real story!

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6" X 9" paperback book, 540 pages

A NEW fantasy sci fi by T. K. Hall is for youth, teen, and adult reading. ISBN 1-4259-6253-X

There are final drawings of female art beings included in the novel, a fest of flying sci fi cars, ships, moto bikes, and dragons soar throughout. It's a blend of Harry Potter, Star Wars, & Lord of the Rings, yet stands on its own as bringing the two worlds of fantasy and science fiction together.

A new fantasy novel with mystery, adventure, humor, an original piece of literature that takes you where you've never been before!

If you're a Producer, Publisher, or Agent, you'll want to get ahold of T.K. Hall and take this to the top!

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"A Perfect World-Tatriel"