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"A Perfect World-Tatriel"

First of a Trilogy

"A Perfect World-Tatriel" Fantasy Novel Book blends the realms of Fantasy and Science Fiction to make this page turning adventure the one to buy for family members, your friends, or your personal next best novel. Don't miss out as the trilogy unfolds by T.K. Hall for youth, teen, adult reading. 6" X 9" paperback, 540 pages.

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Buy T.K. Hall's Fantasy Novel Book, with its female art, world map, and chateau drawings. You'll find a fest of reading that includes soaring sci fi ships, fantasy dragons, AND flying beings!

Are we robot bodies or can we be spiritual beings living free "with" a body?

A Perfect World—Tatriel by T. K. Hall, a science fiction fantasy, keenly weaves this story in a new world and a spirited universe. In giving up free roam across the galaxies, Tatriel becomes an eagle-like being, and Azza becomes a humanoid child on a planet full of diverse species. They’re ready to play a new game—having a body. The final female art drawings were done by Erin Blomquist. You'll find a fest of sci fi cars, dirt bike racing, and games.

One is pulled into a deeper story with emotions, visions, clairvoyance, magic—all are part of their experiences in this first book of a trilogy. Sky flying, dirt bike racing and other hold-your-breath adventures catapult them to a higher level of understanding their new game, as they come to know its limitations and expectations. Must they live in a society as ours, in bodies, or free with a body?

Hall explores the aspect of who one really is, what abilities one has as a spiritual being, and how a body can limit these free-spirited abilities if you don’t know what’s what.

Is this Fantasy? Science Fiction?

Or, their reality of A Perfect World?

Try before you buy! Read a page or two...


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  • Once I got started, I read it everywhere I went! I just couldn't put it down! CB

  • Wow! I am so ready for T.K. Hall's follow up book 2 of the trilogy! Hurry Up! BF

  • I'm not a teenager yet, but this book got me looking at spirits. Can't wait for the second book to come out. DD
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