Fantasy Novel Book page 481

Fantasy Novel Book page 481


“She’s all yours, Phinx.” Merlin walked over beside me.

“It’s riddle time, and here it is,” Phinx said.

    What has tentacles like an octopus
    But is covered with fur?
    You’ll need to know its whereabouts
    And the original creator.
    Its name is what must be given
    And the size it does partake.
    Two minutes, if not all concluded
    Your spirit agrees to elevate.

“Riddle time is mine,” the Sekelt remarked.

    While you’re at the fireside telling
    I did listen to your bantering lark.
    My offspring Mr. Blue did eradicate
    And his fur he did drape upon the clay art.
    Its branches are cold and lifeless
    Fur etches you think can create a spark.
    Never in a million years can the Aquilla château
    Or all the homes that hold the smaller barque
    Help the creator Ciwa Aquilla from her demise.
    Its name, its name you want given
    A Perfect World has been etched.
    Its size, its size is close to the ceiling


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