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weight. With my emotions running like a tornado, I couldn’t levitate it either. The evil tiger played games with us constantly.

Merlin’s leg healed from a deep wound the tiger had given him during our first month of exploring. He was investigating a building in the city when the chameleon swiped his calf. When I saw Merlin fly onto a roof, I soared down with my Velarian, swinging it at empty space. Half the chameleon’s tail appeared, falling to the ground.

Merlin was lucky we had wound sealant. Otherwise, his muscle would never have healed.

Phinx stumbled on a rock and performed an acrobatic tumble, but not before the net was jerked out of my hands. We were inches from the water. Another shrill scream came from the cat as it twisted, wrestling the net, rolling into the lake and pulling Phinx in with it.

The sopping chameleon finally appeared with spotted, glistening fur, thrashing its claws in the air. Phinx used her own claws to swipe the cat’s face, and it shrieked and transformed into a female Sekelt. The scarlet blood on her white cheek made my skin prickle. The picture of Ciwa’s scratched face from my vest cable came to mind.

I entered the water, but Phinx held out her hand to stop me.

“This is between you and me now,” Phinx told the Sekelt, who jerked against the rope.

She lurched toward Phinx. “Why? They want to play.” She tried working the net loose from her naked body. “You want to help me, don’t you?” She looked at me as I backed from the water.

Merlin stood on Phinx’s other side, and the Sekelt looked at him. “Surely, you won’t let him hurt me?”

The voice sounded exactly like Cameliette.


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