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Chapter Twenty-Seven

“Jinn, grab the rope!” I yelled as the net thrashed with the invisible tiger inside. Its scream filled the air.

It had tracked us for the past five months as much as we tracked it, playing with us. No watercraft had arrived from Espace. They could’ve built one in that amount of time.

The lake was nearby. Phinx pulled her side of the net taut. After tracking the tiger a long time, we finally located its den and set our trap.

“Merlin, grab the rope!” Phinx yelled.

Merlin seemed small against the forces straining around him. He reached for the loose rope but had to jump back as the net suddenly whipped toward him.

“Let’s get it in the water,” I snapped, towing as hard as I could.

Merlin dashed out of the way, as Phinx and I ran dragging the chameleon tiger, tangled in the net, between us. Its snarls grew angrier by the second. My veins thrashed with adrenalin, and I heard my heart pounding in my ears.

Phinx remained parallel to me as we trotted toward the lake. Her wing healed, but there was still no way we could lift the cat’s

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