Fantasy Book Covers, Large, for your fantasy novel or book, made of embellished fabrics

Under Construction

Those who enjoy reading at work or in the public - interested in fantasy book covers to protect surfaces? Whether it be Fantasy, Sci Fi, Mystery, Romance, or any other genre, simple or embellished, you'll find protection for them here.

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  • Fabric embellished with silk, lined, antique or collector buttons
  • Signed and numbered by T.K. Hall
  • Limited number as the fantasy novel trilogy "A Perfect World" takes off.
  • Check dimensions for adjustability

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    Click: blue colors – embellished fabric – Large

    Click: burgundy to red colors – embellished fabric – Large

    Click: olive to green colors – embellished fabric – Large

    Click: light to brown colors – embellished fabric – Large

    Click: pink colors – embellished fabric – Large

    fantasy book, covers, embellished, silk

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